Some Weight Loss Supplements Contain Amphetamine-like Compound


That means that although the ingredient is “natural,” it is illegal to use in any dietary supplements. If an ingredient does not have a history of being used as a supplement or herbal remedy, manufacturers must submit an application to the FDA for approval before using it in products. In addition, the FDA analysis found many supplements labeled as containing Acacia rigidula didn’t actually include this plant as an ingredient. The researchers compared the composition of dietary supplements labeled as containing Acacia rigidula with that of the plant itself.
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Fergie’s Surprising Post-Baby Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

(photo: wiki media) If youre looking for a fairly painless way to lose weight (or at least not gain) researchers at Brigham Young University have a new solution for you: Put yourself on a regular sleep schedule. People who maintain an unvarying sleep routine have a lower percentage of body fat than those who keep irregular sleep hours, says a new study , published in the American Journal of Health Promotion. Led by Bruce Bailey, professor of exercise science at Brigham Young, researchers followed 300 female college students, ages 19 to 26, who were given activity trackers to monitor their movements and activities, including waking and sleeping times. The study participants were assessed for body composition before and after the one-week study period. What garcinia cambogia dr oz the researchers found: Getting less than 6.5 hours of sleep and more than 8.5 hours of sleep was linked to higher body fat High quality sleep was associated with lower body fat while poor sleep correlated with higher body fat Waking and going to sleep at the same time every day (particularly a consistent wake time) was most strongly linked with lower body fat The difference in body weight was greater with more variation in sleep pattern.
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Weight Loss can Help Reduce Symptoms of Atrial Fibrillation

“Extra weight, through so many ways, has a significant impact on the atria.” Study authors looked 150 people with a body mass index (BMI) of greater than 27 over a period of 19 months. Half of the sample was placed in the weight-management program for the first eight weeks. This program required the participants to adopt a low-calorie diet of only 800 to 1,200 calories per day. Two of the meals consisted of weight loss shakes while the other carried a high level of protein.
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Change Your Sleep Schedule To Lose Weight, Study Shows

So, Fergie woke up husband Josh Duhamel and told him about the kick. I told the story and he was like, Morrison? Marley? No. Axl Jack.
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Weight-loss Surgery Yields Lasting Improvement In Health, Studies Say

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Overall, their risk of having coronary heart disease, stroke or peripheral heart disease dropped by 27%. Bariatric surgeon Dr. John Morton, a professor of medicine at Stanford University who was not involved in either study, suggested that the results of more modern bariatric surgical procedures may be superior. He added that reducing the stress of obesity on the body, even if some weight returns, may improve a patient’s long-term health prospects. “Carrying extra weight can carry forth year to year,” said Morton, who is president-elect of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, which cosponsored the Obesity Society’s Atlanta conference.
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Weight loss could affect the way couples interact

Althoughthis study provides some interesting insights, we cannot assume that its findings will apply to everyone. It does, however, highlight the fact that weight loss can sometimes have a significant effect on a relationship, be it good or bad. It is something you may wish to discuss with your partner if you are planning to lose weight. And maybe you could try to lose weight together? Losing weight as a family Providing that everyone is willing, planning to lose weight together can be an effective method.
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Many Sleep Disorders Can Involve Sexual Behaviors

People with this disorder sleep for stretches of 16 to 24 hours, but when awake, some may become extremely “hypersexual” and uninhibited. “We wanted to call attention to how virtually all known categories of sleep disorders carry a risk for inappropriate sexual behaviors,” said Schenck, who is also author of the book Sleep: The Mysteries, the Problems, and the Solutions. This is important, he told Reuters Health, because people with these problems should be aware that they are part of a sleep-related disorder that can be diagnosed and treated — and not a sign of perversion. In the case of sexsomnia, the problem is usually a “disorder of arousal” from non-dream sleep. This means that people are partially aroused from deep sleep, resulting in a “twilight sleep-wake state” where they unconsciously act, with seriously impaired judgment. In their report, Schenck and his colleagues detail the range of sleep disorders that can be accompanied by sexsomnia or waking-hour sexual problems.
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Sleep disorder multiplies depression risk

What’s more, the study suggests that sleep apnea is underdiagnosed. More than 80% of the people who reported classic symptoms such as snorting or gasping for breath on most nights of the week had never received an official diagnosis. This group, too, had a threefold higher risk of depression compared to people who had no trouble breathing at night. 12 surprising causes of depression “We’re underdiagnosing this problem,” says Carl Boethel, M.D., a sleep specialist at the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine, in Temple, who was not involved in the study. “Physicians in the sleep community and in the psychiatric community need to do a better job of screening and getting effective treatment.” Coffee may lower risk of depression Sleep apnea and related problems occur when the airway becomes blocked during sleep, restricting breathing. The disorder can be caused by several factors, including oversized tonsils, the structure of a person’s airway, or excess fat surrounding the windpipe.
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Sleep Disorders In The Military: Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, Short Sleep Reported Among Active-Duty Soldiers

The “study provides a unique insight into the growing body of evidence linking sleep disorders, and more specifically, insomnia and service-related illnesses that frequently occur in military personnel who have deployed in Overseas Contingency Operations,” the researchers wrote. “The dramatic self-report of SSD [short sleep duration] in our cohort is consistent with prior studies and suggests the need for a cultural change toward appropriate sleep practices throughout the military,” they added. Loading Slideshow Sleep Apnea Increases Risk Of Heart Attack The sleep disorder has a number of poor effects on the heart. “It’s as if somebody’s choking you, so your heart rate goes up, your blood pressure goes up,” Charles Czeisler, M.D., the Baldino Professor of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School told Health magazine. “Over time, even your daytime blood pressure is higher.” Sleep apnea may be responsible for a third of all cases of high blood pressure in Americans, he told the magazine. A 2007 study showed just how serious these cardiovascular effects of sleep apnea are.
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6 Surprising Things About Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Weight Gain

Kim Kardashian Talks About Pregnancy Weight Gain

Of course, while pregnant, Kardashian didnt cut off the cameras altogether. Photographed wearing everything from figure-clutching dresses to itty-bitty bikinis, she also posed in edgy photos for Karl Lagerfeld for a new magazine, CR Fashion Book , just a month before North was born. 5. She went on the Atkins diet. After delivering her baby, Kardashian told Leno this week she has lost 50 pounds thanks to the high protein, low carb diet, a plan, she added, she had formerly had success with as a college student. I’ve actually been doing the Atkins diet & luv it, she tweeted earlier this month.She also has said she does workouts with celeb trainer (and Gwyneth Paltrow partner) Tracy Anderson, according to Us Weekly . 6.
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Teen Pregnancy: 7.3 Million Teenage Births In Developing World, UN Says

“The birth or pregnancy in one adolescent is unacceptable. One,” Osotimehin told reporters in London. “Whether it’s going up for down is not the issue 7.3 million is huge.” The report was careful to note that some girls under 18 want to become pregnant. It stressed the health and educational benefits of waiting, like better health, educational and future income opportunities and called for a new approach to curbing teen pregnancies that minimizes the emphasis placed on girls’ behavior as an underlying cause.
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Reducing Unplanned Pregnancy

One recent study, for instance, found that existing publicly funded contraceptive services saved federal and state governments $7.6 billion per year by averting an estimated 2.2 million unwanted pregnancies. Unintended Pregnancy Highest Among Less-Educated and Unmarried Women Unmarried women account for 70 percent of all unintended pregnancies and 72 percent of all unwanted births, while unintended birth rates are nearly four times higher for high school drop outs than for college graduates: What if fewer pregnancies were unintended? We investigated the potential impact of reducing unintended pregnancy for less educated women to the same rates as college graduates. Helping these women have the same level of family planning control would reduce the overall share of births occurring to unmarried women from 36 percent to 27 percent. These reductions are big, but not unattainable.
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